Sorry, my Trail 70s have sold

Pics of my Gold 1970 CT70

Taken 6/4/03

Here is my best description:

Sold 10/31/03 - I bought the bike about 18 months ago from a father and son.  They didn't have a title for it.  I put about 5 miles on the bike then stored it in my garage which is pretty cool inside.  The chain looks very good and the tires look pretty new.  The tubes hold air and the rims are not rusted like most 70s.  The rear and front handbrake work fine.  The speedo cable is NOS and painted the factory grey. The odometer reads 1245 miles and looks to be original as the bike is in excellent condition.  There are some small bolts that have been replaced and are not original, as with most of these older bikes.  It has most of the OEM ones though.  The seat is a little bit faded but looks great and is not dry and cracking.  The gas cap is NOS.  The fenders look great and only have a tiny ding.  The exhaust looks to be in great condition.  The bike will hit 40-45mph and pulls good.  I just had it serviced at an experienced shop and they adjusted the valves, tuned it up, and added a new battery.  The seat lock works fine. The shocks seem to work fine and the fork boots look great. It has the key.  The motor kicks over fine and feels like it has good compression.  The spark plug wire was also replaced by an NGK one.  All of the fuel line was replaced with OEM type line with OEM C-clamps.  The horn and headlight works.  The paint looks awesome for a 33 year old bike.  There are some scratches and the top tube is faded a little. It's missing the tool kit. The chrome trim ring is a little bent and the headlight is crooked, but the bucket looks pretty perfect.

The 1974 Blue CT70 is also for sale

Here are some Hi-Rez pictures of the bike: 013.jpg 001.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg 007.jpg 008.jpg 009.jpg 010.jpg 011.jpg 012.jpg